Blog #4

Question:2-3 ideas that got you interested in Social Media & Society this term

-it was mandatory

-I was intrigued to know what the course entailed

Question -How do you think social media will change by the time you graduate?

– not sure, but i could only speculate that with its growing popularity across the globe, having to use this medium every day to communicate, get things done with the advancement of new technologies and mobile devices….. it’s likely that social media and the internet will continue to spread in other areas of our lives.

Question – How do you think social media in education changes the role of the student and the teacher? There has been a few complaints from students that it takes much time for them to go online to read through materials, assignments, blogs etc. However in a revolving world where social media is becoming so popular, students have to now adapt to not just learn from books and assignments but also learning to adapt to the world using a relatively new form of communication.

Social media has taught me alot, it has taught me to stretch beyound social interaction.Students and teachers can both collaborate through this medium when one is confused about a particular topic or course. A professor can post a video about a course and it engages the student and teaches one to be disciplined enough to adapt to online tutoring or learning as one can get easily distracted with other social media network. social media in education can change the life of a teacher and student as more time is spent igniting students brain talking with them rather than toooooooooooo them. Teachers and students are also able to interact more rather than just sitting in a classroom. However for me,  a classroom sitting is my preference even though i dont mind a course in online tutoring.


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