Blog #3

  • Paragraph #1-List all the different types of social media you used for this and/or other courses at Durham College. This includes both formal social media platforms (like DC Connect & college email) as well as informal platforms (private Facebook chats & personal email).


  • Answer: The different social medias that i use at Durham college, this course and other courses both formally and informally are:
  1. yahoo
  2. Google
  3. Wikipedia
  5. Dc connect
  6. Facebook
  7. Skype
  8. Hotmail
  9. YouTube
  10. TodaysMeet
  12. G mail
  13. Crimethinc
  14. Hi5………… all i could possible take into account.


  • Paragraph #2-Comment on which social media platforms you preferred to use. Critically reflect as to why you preferred those social media platforms over others


  • Answer: The social media platforms that i prefer are:
  1. yahoo – all my mails are dispatched to this account.
  2. Google – whatever information i need to know, this platform is easily accessible
  3. DC connect – all updates on courses taken are sent through this medium
  4. Facebook- i use it mostly to collaborate with close friends and generally family members
  5. Skype – chat with friends
  6. YouTube – listen to music

I use these social media platforms everyday and they have become apart of my daily routine activities each and every day. I never really took the time to surf the internet to get updates about the latest APPS or other platforms for the basis of communication or “need to know”. I am more conservative and these medium works for me.

  • Paragraph #3-Comment on which social media platforms you did not like to use. Critical reflect as to why you did not like using/avoided those social media platforms over others


Answers:Social media platforms that i didn’t like to use are:

Hi 5 – They were charging to register, more over it was becoming rather difficult to comprehend and they would change the feature of my page without any formal notice or consent. 

I am very much aware of some of the other social media platforms that are widely used, such as: Twitter, Tagged, MySpace, LinkedIn etc but i have never really taken the time to inform myself about them nor utilize them as my interest was never spooked at all.


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