Why Social Media Can and Is Changing Education

Paragraph 1-Summarize the article (include the hyperlink) and reference 1-2 quotes you feel are important to share:
The blog basically speaks to the impact social media has on education and how prevalent it has become in our culture and schools. Its addresses the fact that it is free, cuts down isolation, builds tolerance and understanding between cultural diversity and allows one to be more open. Two quotes that I personally think is important to share: “education is based upon relationships and while people often look at social media as just “technology”, we have to see how proper use can help bring our world together.” Also, “If we are proactive in the way we work with kids using social media, there is no limit to what they can do”
Hyperlink is as follows: http://connectedprincipals.com/archives/3024.

Paragraph 2-Comment on the extent that you can relate to the article, e.g. share a story of something that either happened to you or someone that you know, or go the other way, writing about how your experience is totally opposite of what is written about in the article:
The impact on social media on education is revolving. Back in primary and high school, technology and social media was not as progressive then as it is now. My nephew who is just eight years old knows how to communicate on Facebook with relatives and friends, goes online to complete math assignments given to him from school. Our awareness of technology and social media then was not heightened as now. Social media has contributed to education and has aided in building tolerance, broadening awareness in so many ways than one and amplifies passion.
Paragraph 3-Offer new knowledge, insight, or wisdom, about what we, as a society, can learn from this. E.g., point out the moral of the story and connect examples, descriptions to support your ideas:
The world is quickly becoming wired through the use of social media as we know it. Some of us like myself is still struggling to keep up with the pace of a drastically changing society. Form Hi5, to Facebook, Skype – you name it. Before I have the opportunity of getting familiar with a particular social media, here comes another to heighten my awareness. Outside of school, social media JUST IS…”its life. In a world where this type of communication is king among students, we have to stop ignoring and start embracing the idea that social media is not what is was twenty to five years ago. We need to shift towards being more responsible and positive with its use. Students are taught about sex education, healthy living, drugs, and so on and these activities or learning materials are a part of their daily schedule, yet we are ignoring what is larger than these things. Teachers need to start modelling responsible use of social media. Social Media is often looked at as a place to socialize with friends, or as a marketing tool but it can be so much more. Social Media in Education is now needed more than ever.


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